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Standard Cat Apartments

All cat accommodation is in individual apartments each with its own enclosed hutch area, and private run. There are six separate alleys, enabling us to cater for all requirements. There are no communal facilities.

Two and three level apartments are available dependent on availablity and your cat's requirements. Screens are used in between apartments to provide privacy for timid and nervous cats.

We have an alley dedicated to the comfort of our senior citizens. It is also ideal for those cats that have had cruciate ligament surgery, amputations, or those with conditions such as epilepsy.


Upgrade Cat Apartments

Upgrade apartments are available on request. Apartments on this alley are 3-level. This alley is not suitable for cats with limited mobility.

These apartments are also available for two cats to share. Cats sharing must live together, and be close to inseparable.

Guests are welcome to bring with them bedding, scratch-posts, play tunnels, toys, etc. Hotties are provided over the cooler months to all senior cats, and to other guests as required, or by request.


We accept EFTPOS, Cash and Internet Banking deposits
for long or short term bookings.

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